Surprising health reasons to improve your vitality and stamina

By Dr. Decker Weiss

And if you’re in your 50s, here’s why you should be concerned if your vitality and stamina seem to have gone from overdrive to being stuck in neutral. I am a naturopathic cardiologist on staff at the Arizona Heart Hospital. So I see this subject from a different perspective.

Close to 90 percent of men who come into my office want to have “the talk” with me – and most just assume their lower stamina and vigor are part of getting older. But they don’t like how it is affecting them in the bedroom. If this sounds like you, instead of just accepting it, talk with your doctor.

Addressing issues of vitality, stamina and sexual wellbeing may give you some unexpected but welcome health benefits including a more active sex life. Most men are surprised to learn that this may lead to improved pain tolerance, an improved sense of smell, a healthier immune system, and fewer heart attacks and strokes.

Start taking control of this situation by reducing your caffeine intake, stopping smoking, exercising more and adding a nutritional supplement shown to improve your performance. I realize that the market is flooded with bad “natural” products and empty promises. Don’t put up with those pretenders.

There is a patented form of tongkat ali (a root successfully used by Malaysian men for centuries) called Physta that has been shown scientifically to help improve such things as vigor, vitality and stamina over a 12-week period. It’s available at Vitamin Shoppe as Tenaga. Just take it as you would a daily vitamin.

Doing these things may not only enhance your love life. They’ll improve your health outside of the bedroom as well.

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